New MacBook Pro could just have been a "Friday unit"

MacBook teardown alleges lax Apple quality control

A new 15-inch MacBook Pro laptop teardown has prompted claims of poor manufacturing quality control.

The iFixitit website purports to be the "free repair manual anyone can edit" often featuring amateur disassembly of consumer electronics equipment for the sake of repairs or plain curiosity.

"One thing that has us a little concerned about the new models is their quality control," the site wrote on the MacBook teardown, citing a stripped screw near the subwoofer and an unsecured socket on an IR sensor.

iFixit said the findings "should not be things found inside a completely unmolested computer with an $1800 base price."

Also pointing towards issues with manual assembly, excess amounts of thermal paste were apparently applied to both the CPU and GPU which the site speculated may lead to "overheating issues down the road."

There’s no indication if the findings are indicative of the average quality of a MacBook assembly or if the device was an unlucky "Friday unit" the result of a one-off issue at firm’s contract manufacturing facilities.

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