Refutes 'millions' claim of Burglar-induced outage

Vodafone explains massive network downtime

British mobile network Vodafone explained the cause of he network disruption that affected at least 100,000 customers on Monday morning.

Burglars smashed their way into a Basingstoke network center in the early hours of Monday morning, removing equipment and damaging the network causing the disruption, the company said.

"Loss of service is mainly confined to parts of the M4 corridor and some areas either side," said the telco in a statement.

Early reports raised the spectre that millions of customers had been affected by the down time but Vodafone disputed the level of disruption, saying it was "grossly exaggerated" and that only "several hundred thousand" were affected.

The company faced criticism from angry customers as it took until midday on Monday to release a statement to explain the down time, half a day after the break in.

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