10Gbps standard matched with two Intel 250GB SSDs

LaCie announce Intel Thunderbolt-equipped Little Big Disk

Storage specialist LaCie announced the Little Big Disk, one of the first external hard drives to appear based on Intel’s new Thunderbolt technology.

Formerly known as Light Peak, Intel’s super-fast peripheral interconnect standard is set to deliver 10Gbps. The LaCie Little Big Disk is based on two 250GB SSDs and is armed with two Thunderbolt ports which may be daisy chained with up to six more devices.

The Little Big Disk is also enclosed in LaCie’s aluminium d2 casing which the firm said also provides efficient heat dissipation to remove any possibility of failure due to high temperatures.

The drive is the first in a range of Thunderbolt-equipped peripherals that LaCie plans to release while the Little Big Disk itself will go on sale some time in ‘winter’ with pricing to appear closer to release.

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