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Boots to Linux-powered web in 'seconds'

Sony launches Vaio S with ‘fast boot’

Sony unveiled the new Vaio S 13.3-inch notebook at an event in London yesterday. 

The Vaio S is available in white or black and offers what Sony call a ‘full flat’ design with the aluminium finish offering enhanced portability and robustness, they said.

Following recent trends to improve boot times, the Sony say the Vaio S series ‘Fast Boot’ can boot Windows 50 per cent faster than a notebook loading Windows 7. There’s also a quick web access button that boots Linux to provide web access in ‘seconds’.

Sony’s Dynamic Hybrid Graphics System follows the graphics switching trend and switches between integrated GPU and AMD Radeon HD 6000-series graphics when required. 

The 1.75kg ultra portable Vaio S (VPCSB1V9E in full) offers the Intel Core i5-2410M dual core 2.3GHz processor while other variants will presumably offer different level of Core i5 processors. 

Sony didn’t provide pricing but the Vaio S series is expected to appear in late March.

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