BT aims for 88 per cent coverage by the end of the year

Nine in ten to get fibre broadband in Northern Ireland

Following a £30m investment, almost 90 per cent of broadband users in Northern Ireland are set to obtain super fast broadband by next year.

Speeds up to 40mb/s will be available as the firm invests in more than 2,400 fibre broadband cabinets, creating up to 60 jobs in the process the telco said.

The roll out will mean that Northern Ireland will be one of the ‘best connected places in the world’, BT said. 88 per cent of lines to homes and businesses will be linked to the new fibre broadband cabinets.

"This is a great moment in Northern Ireland’s broadband story," said BT Northern Ireland boss Graham Sutherland.

"High-speed fibre broadband is transformational, it changes how we live, how we educate, how our businesses send their products and ideas around the world."

The network will be available for any ISP to resell and BT said that thirteen had already signed up to offer access to the fibre network.

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