Another bad day at the office for the WP7 team

Microsoft respond to Windows Phone 7 update problems

Earlier today Microsoft released a bungled update to their Windows Phone 7 platform.

It didn’t work. Users are experiencing crashes, or in worse cases handsets are dying completely.

The OS maker has recieved a deluge complaints on their ‘Microsoft Answers’ Windows Phone 7 forum, responding with an official troubleshooting page on They warn the update can take between 30 and 40 minutes to patch.

Microsoft Support Moderator Patrizia R posted
: “While we continue to investigate the issue, we would ask that you not attempt the update until your device alerts you of another update opportunity, in approximately 3 days’ time.”

Affected models include the LG Optimus 7, the Samsung Omnia 7 and the HTC Trophy 7. The crashed phones, in typical Windows BSOD fashion, display an error code which corresponds to a solution at the above help page.

Todays update did not contain any content, but was ironically developed to help streamline future updates.

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