Chipmaker's dual core processors already power a long list of upcoming tablets

ARM to take on Intel in tablet market

In an interview with ZDnet Bob Morris ARM’s, head of mobile communications, demonstrated the next gen tablet CPU on a Motorola Xoom with impressive results.

Morris said the “agnostic” nature of ARM’s tech has made the chip attractive to a wide range of vendors.

Dual core obviously results in faster performance, but Morris was keen to highlight the power saving benefits of running two low voltage cores. The next gen chips promise to give more power for longer.

He described Honeycomb as a significant development for the market in general. The latest Android OS is specifically designed for tablet use, paving the way for an avalanche of tablets from Android smartphone adopters like Samsung and HTC.

The ARM chief also praised BlackBerry’s Playbook OS while describing HP’s WebOS as a ‘very compelling’ tablet environment.

With Apple, Samsung, Motorola, HP and Blackberry using ARM architecture the British firm appears to have stolen the way from competitors in the tablet market.

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