Huang also believes ARM will become prevalent

Nvidia CEO: Future laptops will be like the MacBook Air

Nvidia chief Jen-Husn Huang said that future of laptops would be thin devices that resemble the MacBook Air.

Speaking in an interview with CNet’s Brooke Crothers, Huang said: "I think the MacBook Air is a good mental image of what a clamshell laptop will look like."

Huang said that future generations of laptops would be thinner due to not needing extensive cooling components or extra batteries. The MacBook Air is based on Nvidia graphics hardware.

Huang unsurprisingly suggested the future of laptops would be devices the with ARM processor that currently dominates mobile products. 

ARM CPU cores feature within Nvidia’s Tegra range of mobile chips and Nvidia used CES in January to announce the firm intends to bring an ARM-powered processor to the desktop market. 

Microsoft also announced the firm’s intention to support ARM with the next-version of Windows. 

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