Intel developed tech will outperform USB3 and Firewire, rumours say

Apple to debut ‘Light Peak’ on iPad 2?

A new mystery data connection, rumoured to be included on the iPad 2 and an unannounced new MacBook Pro, will be capable of ultra fast transfers exceeding 10Gbps.

Named ‘Light Peak’ and developed in co-operatively between Apple and Intel, the new tech will transfer data at twice the speed of the fledgling USB3 connection, which tops out at 4.8Gbps

Although the touted speeds seem excessive, it would reduce the lengthy time required to sync iPods and iPhones with home computers. With syncing a key element in Apple’s mobile devices strategy, such a high-speed port would be a worthwhile investment.

A new MacBook Pro carrying Light Peak is rumoured to be shipping this week. Apple have halted all current orders for the laptop until new models arrive this Thursday, reports.

Apple has made no announcement regarding either Light Peak or potential new products.

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