3G and 4G standards supported

Netgear launch range of mobile broadband routers

Network equipment manufacturer Netgear has announced a new range of broadband routers equipped with 3G mobile network capability.

The new range of Netgear mobile broadband routers are designed to couple wired broadband and European 3G and 4G (LTE) mobile networks. All models feature 100Mb Ethernet WAN, Ethernet LAN and 802.11N Wi-Fi.

The Netgear MBR1200 offers quad band 3G HSPA+ offering up to 21Mbps with HSPA fallback and failover to wired Ethernet WAN while the Netgear MBR1310 offers support for the Australian Telstra NextG dual cell HSPA+ with speeds up to 42Mbps.

Taking up the 4G challenge, the Netgear MBR1517 supports European 4G in LTE labors with HSPA+ and HSPA fallback with failover to wired WAN. The top of the line MBR2000 offers quad band dual cell HDPA+ with a built-in ADSL+ modem to boot.

"As mobile broadband coverage areas expand, these new products have the potential to bring in new revenue for mobile operators due to the excellent performance of the routers, which rivals wired Internet access," said Netgear boss Michael Clegg. 

Netgear didn’t announce any pricing or availability. The firm’s 3G/4G mobile broadband page has channel purchasing information.

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