Skull-masked biker orders sales floor to the lobby

SWAT storms Dell marketing stunt gone wrong

Texan local media reported that two Dell employees had been arrested in a ‘marketing stunt gone wrong’ at the firm’s Round Rock headquarters.

Austin news reported that a SWAT team was dispatched following a 911 call as a "person dressed as a biker in all black with a black mask" was spotted carrying "metallic objects".

As the heavily armed police force stormed Dell’s building 1 sales floor, one man refused to comply with officers which elevated matters to what Round Rock police reportedly described as an "extreme risk scenario."

Officers then discovered that the activity was an internal marketing event meant to launch the new Dell Streak tablet. No one else had been notified.

The responding offers arrested the costumed 48 year old Bryan Chester and his boss 36 year old Daniel Rawson. 

Both men face charges of "Interfering with Public Duties" and "Deadly Conduct."

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