Twenty nanometer flash to kill off hard drives

OCZ says die-shrink means cheaper SSDs

Memory and storage specialist OCZ said that the firm was the first to complete the transition to 20nm-scale NAND flash.

OCZ said that the new fabrication technology would "pave the way for SSDs to become more accessible to the complete range of consumer."

"We are excited to complete the transition to the next generation 2Xnm NAND components which reiterates our strategy of producing high performance SSDs at the most attractive price point available for consumer applications," said OCZ boss Ryan Petersen.

The company claims that improvements in manufacturing processes meant that SSDs were poises to replace traditional mechanical hard drives over the next few years. 

OCZ will continue to offer select SSD products in the older 30nm-scale fabrication process but these would be at a higher cost per gigabyte.

Tech site Anandtech today offered a preview of the upcoming OCZ Vertex 3 Pro based on the new Sandforce SF-2500 controller, calling it "significantly faster than anything else on the market today", adding that the Vertex 3 Pro was the "first SSD to really put 6Gbps SATA to good use."

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