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Nokia ‘Plan B’ was a hoax

No longer hosting a phony manifesto, NokiaPlanB.com now redirects to the associated Twitter account, where the latest update reads: “there are no ‘nine young investors’, just one very bored engineer who really likes his iPhone”

Although labelled a ‘hoax’, NokiaPlanB had a darker purpose. One of the website’s final paragraphs reads:

“If you are a Nokia shareholder or institutional investor and support this plan, please get in touch with us at investors@NokiaPlanB.com. You can also help us by publicly expressing your support for this plan in your website, blog, twitter feed, Facebook page or by issuing a press release.”

Taking advantage of genuine shareholder concerns, this elaborate phish-style trap might have given the hoaxers serious leverage over dissenting Nokia shareholders.

If you want to re-live NokiaPlanB, you can view it at this Google cache.

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