Admits firm is 'weakest' in Europe

Motorola boss defends $800 Xoom tablet price

Motorola mobile boss Sanjay Jha defended the pricing of the firm’s forthcoming Xoom tablet, expected to launch at $800 in the US. 

The $800 price point for a 3G equipped 32GB Xoom tablet is $70 more than the market leading iPad 3G. 

"We felt that our ability to deliver 50Mb/s would justify the $799 price point," Jha told the Wall Street Journal, referring to the mooted ability of the Xoom to be software upgraded to the new 4G mobile standard.

Jha also expressed frustration at needing to rely on another company to deliver the software operating system, Google in the case of the Motorola Xoom and the Android 3.0 Honeycomb operating system it uses.

The Motorola boss also expressed regret at the lack of success in the European GSM market, admitting the firm’s brand was "weakest in Europe" and suggesting that the firm would need to spend on marketing in order to do well.

Jha said that a Wi-Fi only version of the Xoom would be cheaper, around the price of the $599 Wi-Fi iPad. 

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