Reaffirms commitment to MeeGo OS

Intel’s Otellini would make “similar call” to Nokia

Intel boss Paul Otellini moved to reaffirm the chipmaker’s commitment to the forthcoming MeeGo operating system despite Nokia’s deal with Microsoft to adopt Windows Phone 7.

Nokia intends to ship one MeeGo device this year before switching development efforts towards Windows Phone 7. Otellini told Bloomberg that he "understood" why Nokia was teaming up with Microsoft, reportedly adding that he would have made a "similar call."

However Otellini also stood behind the MeeGo platform, saying that the firm plans to forge ahead with the Linux-based OS. 

"I don’t see that Nokia changing its strategy changes the industry strategy," Otellini told Bloomberg, suggesting that mobile operators were still in the market for an "open, operator-friendly" OS. 

The development of MeeGo is part of an Intel strategy to ensure there are operating system options for mobile device manufacturers wishing to use Intel’s x86 mobile processors. 

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