VIDEO: Takes aim at rival Apple service

Google launches One Pass subscription service

Google announced the Google One Pass digital content subscription service to rival Apple’s recently launched iTunes subscription service.

The new Google One Pass service aims to provide a system to publishers which allows them to set their own prices and terms for their digital content which may be accessed across web sites and mobile applications. 

In announcing the move at Humboldt University in Berlin, Google CEO Eric Schmidt emphasized the flexibility on pricing and terms as well as giving publishers to ability to maintain relationships with their customers.

The wording of the announcement was clearly aimed at a statement recently made by the European Newspaper industry trade body ERPA which called on Apple to relax restrictions relating to the App Store subscription service. 

The announcement made in Europe is obviously also not accident as the internet giant seeks to make the most of the European publisher backlash against the Apple subscription service terms.

Schmidt announced that One Pass is available in the British, French, German, Spanish, Italian, Canadian and American markets with plans to expand further afield in due course. 

"With Google One Pass, publishers can customize how and when they charge for content while experimenting with different models to see what works best for them," said Google Commerce boss Lee Shirani on the Google blog.

With mobile and computer-based consumption of media sky rocketing, it’s little surprise the tech giants are making their moves early. 

While Google’s service will be undoubtedly more appearing to publishers than the App Store subscription service, Apple still retains control the important iOS ecosystem which means Apple is firmly in control over what sorts of content reader applications may appear. 

The firm will most certainly not allow Google One Pass enabled reader applications in the iTunes store without meeting the same conditions. 

Google One Pass may still sidestep Apple’s walled garden by offering web-based content readers but publishers value the ability to offer branded applications in the Apple App Store. 

Google pitched Google One Pass pitch to publishers in a one minute video you can see below:


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