Firefox dev slams Microsoft's HTML5 claims

‘IE9 not a modern browser’ says Mozilla

Web browser developer Mozilla has taken aim at Microsoft’s forthcoming IE9 browser, claiming that the Firefox-rival cannot be considered a ‘modern’ browser.

Mozilla technical evangelist Paul Rouget created a dedicated web page which carries the headline: "Is IE9 a modern browser? NO"

Rouget takes exception to Microsoft’s ‘bragging’ concerning IE9’s support for developing web standard HTML5. In particular Rouget criticises Microsoft’s claim to support 99 per cent of HTML5.

"The tests Microsoft are referring to are the ones they created during the development of IE9," Rouget said.

"It’s not that surprising that they pass the very tests they used to design and develop the browser – we score pretty well against our own unit-tests as well."

Rouget’s web page includes a number of graphics which summarise results from third party test sites and In the former Rouget claims the one year old Firefox 3.6 bested the upcoming IE9 while in the latter case the two year old Firefox 3.5 bested IE9.

The web page also hosts a large infographic (png) summarising Rouget’s claims. 

"The reality is that IE9 is 2 years late," claims Rouget before including a long list of features unsupported in IE9 including Application Cache, Web Workers, HTML5 Forms, WebGL, numerous CSS3 features and so on.

The word of words between Microsoft and Mozilla is likely to continue as both firms near the final beta testing stages ahead of the official launch of IE9 and Firefox 4.0.

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