File recovery software may be run from a USB drive

Diskeeper launches Emergency Undelete

Utility software specialist Diskeeper announced the release of Emergency Undelete file recovery software which the firm says makes it possible to recover vital files that have been accidentally deleted.

The software was originally available as part of the Undelete data recovery software package but the firm announced the release of Emergency Undelete as a stand-alone product.

"Emergency Undelete can be extremely useful for recovering files accidentally lost through a number of ways, such as: transferring data from your SD card; using shift delete; files lost on USB sticks due to improper removal; recycle bin disabled for some reason or sometimes even the miraculously disappearing file!" said Diskeeper spokesperson Naveen Louis. 

Emergency Delete is able to recover any file type including files as well as respective folders. Diskeeper said that as a result of installing files, computers can overwrite deleted files. 

Accordingly Emergency Undelete can be directly run from external storage such as a CD or USB thumb drive.

The software costs $19.99 or £13.95 directly from the Diskeeper web site.

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