Wiimote demoed, motion detection mooted

Swype developing ‘hands free’ typing

Software keyboard vendor Swype revealed that the firm is looking to implement keyboard-free typing solutions for the living room.

The company demonstrated a PC version of Swype using a Wiimote controller at the Mobile Congress in Barcelona. The wireless remote was used to draw a line between the letters to make words, just like the popular smartphone keyboard.

Swype is set feature on a number of Android-based tablets launching this year but a Swype representative told Austrian site benm.at in a video interview: "We’re looking at going beyond smartphones and to take Swype into your living room."

The Swype team also reportedly told Mobile Congress visitors that the firm is looking at motion sensing systems such as the Microsoft Kinect. 

Motion sensing systems raise the prospect of using the Swype mechanism to type text merely by waving hands or other body extremities. 

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