Nine young shareholders pledge to sack Elop and bring MeeGo back from the dead

Nokia ‘Plan B’ aims to reverse Microsoft deal

An anonymous group of “nine young Nokia shareholders” has published an online manifesto, titled ‘Nokia Plan B’, as part of a public coup to dislodge under-fire CEO Stephen Elop.

On the website, the shareholders promise to “challenge the company’s strategy and partnership with Microsoft” at Nokia’s AGM in May.

On the website, created to gather public support for the forthcoming challenge, the group promises fulfil a list of “concrete actions” should they receive a majority vote on May 3rd.

First on that list is the immediate “discharge of Stephen Elop from his duties as President and CEO of the company.”

Most of the document is devoted to software development, “where innovation, differentiation and shareholder value can most easily be created.”

The group wants to put the focus back on canned operating system MeeGo, making it “Nokia’s primary smartphone platform” while promising to “aggressively recruit young software talent from top universities” to support development.

They also want to put Symbian back on the agenda, to “reap the profits of the existing market share and consumer preference that Symbian already enjoys in Europe and Asia.”

Are Nokia in crisis? Last week, over 1000 employees walked out of work in Finland, and todays news is yet another public show of no-confidence in the co-operation with Microsoft.

Meanwhile, Nokia today revealed concepts for forthcoming WP7 models.

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