Survey finds Brits willing to pay extra for fast internet

Broadband boost to house prices

A poll undertaken by British broadband advice site ISPreview has revealed that broadband can add value to house prices.

The survey, which polled 733 respondents throughout January and February, found that almost two thirds of British internet users would be discouraged from buying a home if it lacked a high speed broadband connection.

The survey also found that half of the respondents would pay more for a house with faster connectivity than was available at their present home. ISPreview concluded from the findings that broadband "can add real value to house prices."

The site also concluded that the results meant there was a "strong appetite for faster connectivity" although it is worth noting that as a poll of a broadband ISP comparison site it will be somewhat selective of a group which considers broadband important.

Interestingly the survey also found that 37.2 per cent of respondents would be willing to pay more for a holiday or hotel with broadband access. 

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