Roses are red, violets are blue, men flirt with smartphones and women do too.

Men agree: smartphones make it easier to chat-up women

Thirty three per cent of men aged 18 to 34 said using a smartphone or tablet makes it easier for them to get their flirt on.

While a third of men confessed to using smartphones or tablets to flirt with the opposite sex via social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter, only 21 per cent of women admitted to being virtual flirts.

The YouGov research, commissioned by display vendor ViewSonic Europe, showed that 53 per cent of females had never used their smartphones or tablets to flirt.

Although using a mobile to flirt is nothing new, having on-the-go access to the internet means flirters are no longer limited to text-messaging.

“The virtual nature of today’s flirting increases tension and excitement around what used to be a very face to face ritual. It’s considered harmless if it’s not done in person,” says James Coulson, European Marketing Manager at ViewSonic.

Sharon Kell, director of dating website Cocomoon said: “When it comes to online flirting, men may well lead the charge. Perhaps it’s because men are far more into technology and gadgets and flirting through a device is seen to be less risky than flirting in person.”

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