200,000 app boost for next-gen tablet

RIM PlayBook ‘to run Google Android apps’

BlackBerry-maker RIM is working on software to allow the firm’s upcoming PlayBook tablet to run Android applications, according to a Bloomberg report.

The firm plans to integrate technology which would allow the PlayBook to run a Java virtual machine on the tablet which may then be used to run any of the 200,000 odd applications available for Android open source operating system.

This isn’t the first time such rumours have surfaced with BGR reporting on similar rumours last month. Bloomberg said that RIM initially looked for an external solution to bring the Android environment to the QNX-running PlayBook tablet but ultimately decided to develop the technology in house. 

Earlier this week Open Hanset Alliance member Myriad announced the development of Alien Dalvik which the firm claims will allow Android applications to run on other operating systems with MeeGo specifically mentioned.

One of the greatest challenges of launching a tablet device with a new operating system is the relative lack of applications that will be available on launch compared to the incumbent operating systems such as iOS and Android.

The ability to run Android applications out of the gate is a significant plus, ensuring that new owners wont miss out on the best applications, at least until native applications arrive.

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