Next-gen browser also gains tracking protection feature

Microsoft launches IE9 release candidate

Microsoft has launched the release candidate of the firm’s next generation web browser, Internet Explorer 9. 

The new release candidate adds a new Tracking Protection feature and an accompanying Microsoft system which aims to give users the capability of blocking snooping on browsing habits via the use of tracking codes. 

Microsoft have partnered with a number of security and privacy advocates to identify websites that plant tracking codes which can then be used as a black list to stop the activity if desired while others may prefer to leave the codes alone so that context-sensitive advertising is more relevant.

Other improvements in IE9 include further support for the emerging HTML5 web sites and rendering and script performance improvements. IE9 makes extensive use of hardware acceleration but in order to do so is not compatible with operating systems earlier than Windows Vista. 

The IE9 release candidate is available from the Microsoft site Beauty of the Web which also contains a number of HTML5 demos.

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