Supermarket is selling it for half the price of Amazon's device

Asda launches Kindle rival

UK Supermarket Asda have lauched a rival to Amazon’s Kindle e-reader settling at just £52.

The reader includes 2GB on onboard storage and a five inch colour screen. Asda hope that its built-in speakers will prove useful for many users who also want to watch movies and listen to music.

“We are hoping that we can inspire a new generation of readers”, Asda tablet buyer Adam May said, adding: “At £52, which works out at £1 a week for a year, our reader is outstanding value”.

This, however does not include the price of books themselves, but Asda addressed this issue by encouraging customers to read free of charge copyright free books from sources such as Project Gutenberg.

Potential library closures in the UK could encourage more and more people to invest in e-reading devices such as this one, or even tablets, which are currently proving very popular for e-books.

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