RIM take large share while Android settles lower in the tables

iOS share remains top in European poll

Statistics have revealed that iOS devices continue to take a large percentage of market share over Apple’s biggest competitor, Google Android.

Online analysts Statcounter conducted a questionnaire which revealed iOS has a 44.95 per cent market share in Europe while Android settles for just over 16 per cent. Comparing to the 50.44 per cent share which Apple’s iOS has last year, it is clear that the iPhone is losing popularity against growing competitors, despite its recent successes.

RIM, the makers of popular Blackberry phones have taken a staggering 36.22 percent share in the UK, again pushing Android further down the list. Android, however, is not faring too badly when compared against Symbian, the OS running on many popular Nokia phones, which has lost over ten per cent of its market share.

The drop in Symbian’s market share does not come as a huge surprise as Nokia’s CEO Stephen Elop warned this week that Nokia “have multiple points of scorching heat that are fuelling a blazing fire around us”.

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