Cloud-gaming will ?turbo-charge HTC mobile devices?

HTC and OnLive announce $40 million partnership

HTC have invested $40 million in fledgling cloud-gaming service OnLive.

The smartphone maker, who gained notoriety as an early-adopter of Google’s Android platform, appears to be striking deals with streaming content providers to strengthen its stake in the handset market.

In the words of HTC CEO Peter Chou: "In a world of mobile Internet ubiquity, content is king but it’s not all created equal.”

Today’s news follows the acquisition of Saffron Digital last week, a video streaming service based in East-London, which the Taiwanese vendor bought for £30.15 million.

Saffron provides optimised streaming content for a number of mobile networks and manufacturers, including Vodafone and Nokia.

Cloud gaming service OnLive, already a hit stateside, allows subscribers to play high-end, resource-hungry games on low-end devices like smartphones or tablets.

"Video games are the most popular mobile app category, despite the relatively limited performance of mobile devices. OnLive’s cloud gaming technology will turbo-charge HTC mobile devices with directly playable console-class video game performance," said Steve Perlman, OnLive Founder and CEO.

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