Pop singer renounces Luddite status, sets blogosphere ablaze

Elton John getting a ?Skype iPad?

An unlikely quote from Elton John has kick started the iPad 2 rumour mill this week, after the singer stated that he is getting a ‘Skype iPad’.

In an interview with the BBC, ostensibly talking about his becoming a father, Elton John and partner David Furnish discuss the fact that he doesn’t use a phone or any technology.

“I’m a Luddite,” the Tantrums and Tiaras star stated. “However, I am going to be able to get an iPad in April, because I need a Skype iPad so I can see Zachary when I’m not there.”

Although, it is not confirmed whether or not John actually has any insider knowledge, his comments have set the cycle of gossip moving ahead of Apple’s traditional Spring announcement.

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