British phone users would rather play with apps than play sports

UK prefers using apps

Research has revealed that Britons prefer spending their spare time using apps on their smart phone than watching TV or playing on games consoles.

1,772 smart phone owners were asked about their favourite pastimes, and a massive 43 per cent said they liked playing on their smart phone over other choices such as watching a film or using the internet. Surprisingly, only eight per cent of those asked said they prefer playing sport in their spare time.

A majority of those who chose ‘playing on their smart phone’ revealed that they did so, because it was easily accessible most of the time.

The research was conducted by the owners of ‘MyVoucherCodes’ app, and their chairman, Mark Pearson, said that nowadays, “technology is a massive part of everyone’s lives” and “smart phones provide users with a quick easy means of entertainment”.

The ten billionth app download took place in the iPhone app store last month, and according to, over 340000 apps are currently available on the iPhone, iPad and Mac app stores worldwide.

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