Mature markets will see highest notebook cannibalisation

Tablets to sell 55.7m in 2011 says DisplaySearch

Display market research outfit DisplaySearch has forecast a 200 per cent year on year growth for tablet sales in the firm’s Quarterly Mobile PC Shipments and Forecast Report.

DisplaySearch said that growth would slow throughout the year but that the tablet share of the overall mobile PC market such as notebooks and ultra-portables would rise to nearly 35 per cent by 2014.

"The upcoming product announcements, introductions and demonstrations in the coming weeks will build on the tremendous momentum that the market has already seen and will lead to segmentation in the tablet (slate) PC market," said DisplaySearch analyst Richard Shim.

"This segmentation translates to significant shipment growth and proliferation in the short and long term."

The firm said that tablets will continue to cannibalise PC sales, such as notebooks and ultra portables, but exactly how much will vary by region. The level that tablets will eat into the notebook market will be most noticable in "mature markets" where PC penetration rates are highest, they said.

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