Classic game developer Elite Systems behind the move

Sinclair ZX Spectrum to be relaunched

The classic 8-bit computer the Sinclair ZX Spectrum will be relaunched by a game developer as the iconic device approaches its 30th anniversary in 2012.

According to a report in the Telegraph, game developer Elite Systems plans to relaunch the Spectrum for a "generation of nostalgic gamers" the Telegraph described as "middle-aged geek who are using their mobile phones for games."

Game developer Elite produced many of the original classic ZX Spectrum games such as Test Drive Off Road, Striker, Ace and arcade remakes such as Commando, Bomb Jack and Paperboy which the firm successfully launched as an iPhone game.

While details are thin on the ground, it seems the planned ZX Spectrum is essentially a Spectrum-shaped Bluetooth keyboard, presumably destined to drive an emulator on running on a PC or potentially a smartphone.

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