Only to vendors confirming trouble-free configurations

Intel resumes shipment of faulty 6 series chipset

Intel announced that it is set to resume shipments of the Sandy Bridge support 6-series chipset but only for systems that will not be affected by the design flaw.

The chipmaker had previously ceased selling the 6 series support chip on the basis that SATA ports may degree over time which could lead to SATA drives disconnecting.

The firm said that it expects first quarter revenue to come in $300m lower although by the end of the year it will have made up lost ground.

With the flaw only affecting certain configurations of SATA ports, Intel has some leeway to recommence shipping the ‘faulty’ 6 series chip to partners who will use the chip in configurations which are not expected to be problematic.

The company expects to begin shipments of a reworked 6 series chip in February.

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