Videogame consoles blamed for harming PC versions

Consolitis ‘the cancer of PC gaming’

Long established gaming website the FiringSquad has published an editorial coining the phrase ‘consolitis’ as a damaging influence of videogaming consoles on PC gaming.

Describing consolitis as a ‘harmful infection of a PC game, caused by design decisions made with consoles in mind’, the FiringSquad article said that the games could be characterised by a ‘lack of complexity’, ‘sub-par graphics’ and ‘over-simplified user interface’.

FiringSquare writer Jacob Vandy VanDerWerf described consolitis as "the cancer of the WIndows gaming platform," saying that the rise of videogaming consoles meant that development of PC versions was often "little more than an afterthought."

VanDerWerf also said that the industry shift to console development meant that technological innovation would be slowed, illustrating the point by suggesting that a high end $500+ video card is barely needed because a $250 card "will now play pretty much any game at the highest settings with no problem."

"That means consoles and PCs alike won’t be providing as big of a leap in fidelity or performance as people will expect come next generation."

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