Chip giant claims that its new chipsets will change the way that computers run for good

AMD details new Fusion rollout

Chip firm AMD has claimed we ‘won’t be able to tell the difference’ between the GPU and the CPU by 2013, as the line between graphics cards and the new generation of processors gets increasingly blurred.

The fruits of AMD’s Fusion project – which essentially increases the remit of the central processor to take on tasks usually handled by graphics cards – were on display at CES last month, and the firm claims the new chipsets will change the way computers are run for good.

“The reason why we are calling these Accelerated Processing Units and not a CPU or a GPU is that by the third generation of this technology by 2013, your not going to be able to tell the difference,” said Leslie Sobon, AMD’s vice president for product and platform marketing. “It won’t be here’s your GPU piece and here’s your CPU piece, it will be all mashed together and integated even more.”

The ethos of the move is mirrored by rival Intel’s Sandy Bridge project, which also looks to take on more graphics power onto the CPU. However the difference is Intel doesn’t have the interests in graphics cards that AMD does with its ATI division.

Asked if Fusion would clash with the firm’s interests in the traditional graphics card market, Sobon told PCR: “That’s a great question – so there actually is an Acer PC that has this technology, and also has discrete attached to it, so you actually have dual discrete. So when you add this to the larger desktops you get the discrete capability that’s in Fusion, plus what’s in the card. So you could get 1000 gigaflops. The video gaming guys are going to want to have that.”

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