Follows series of attacks on government institutions

UK firms told to beware hackers

A security expert for one of Britain’s top companies warned UK businesses should be on "high alert" against hack attacks.

In a press release Paul Hanley, Information Security Director for KPMG, warned that hackers are targeting big business’ top bosses, those with access to the most sensitive information.

Recommending that businesses safe-guard their data, he said: “sensitive information requires encryption or other protection, and all businesses need to start at least discussing the wider implementation of such security tactics.”

Last week, William Hague chose to highlight the threat of cyber-terrorism while revealing details of a string of attacks on government departments.

One group of officials allowed hackers backdoor access to sensitive information, downloading a trojan virus from a fake email they believed was from the White House.

The Foregin Secretary said: "Our experts were able to clear up this infection but more sophisticated attacks such as these are becoming more common."

Recently the government announced its intention to join a new European Union online security program, where participating member states are required to criminalise cyber crimes.

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