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Xoom-using man unplugs iPod drone girl

Motorola takes aim at Apple with Xoom Super Bowl ad

Motorola aired a 60 second Super Bowl commercial called ‘Empower The People’, presenting the firm’s upcoming Android Xoom tablet as an alternative to the Apple iPad.

Borrowing heavily from the iconic Ridley Scott directed 1984-themed advert that launched the Macintosh, the Motorola advert presented a similarly bleak and homogenous future while the protagonist can also be seen reading Orwell’s novel at one point. 

The ‘drones’ in the advert are shown listening to iPods while the Xoom-using protagonist shows one female ‘iPod drone’ images on a Xoom tablet, prompting her to remove her earbuds. 

The end of the commercial simply states: "Motorola Zoom with Google, the world’s first Android 3.0 tablet."

See below for the one minute ‘Empower The People’ Super Bowl spot:

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