Vendor due to reveal new product range later this week

Dell developing Windows 7 tablet

Dell is planning a Windows 7 tablet as part of a range of tablet computers due for launch in the first half of this year.

Few details are available, but we know the tablet will have a 10” screen and is one of many in the works. The rest will be powered by Google’s Android.

Despite plans, Kirk Schell, marketing director of Dell’s Business Client group downplayed the importance of tablet computers in the commercial sector.

Speaking to he said: "For creation and production work, most customers still intend to provide a laptop or desktop to hit productivity requirements.

"For the near-to-mid term at least, tablets look like being an incremental purchase.” 

Details of a new Dell product range are expected to be released before the end of this week. The tablets are to remain under-wraps until later this year, however.

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