SX230 is Canon's first GPS-enabled compact camera

Canon launches PowerShot SX220 and SX230

Canon has launched two new cameras in the firm’s compact PowerShot SX range including the PowerShot SX220 HS and the first Canon GPS-enabled camera, the PowerShot SX230 HS.

Both of the new cameras are classified as so-called superzoom cameras with lenses capable of 35mm equivalent 28-392mm zoom. Both cameras are also equipped with 12.1 megapixel sensors and feature 3-inch LCD displays.

The cameras are also capable of recording 1920 x 1080 high definition video at 24fps as well as a super slow motion movie mode which can capture 320 x 240 video at 120 or 240fps. The SX220 and SX230 are also equipped with HDMI outputs and weigh 215gr.

The difference between the models is that the SX230 HS also features new GPS functionality which allows users to record the location where their images were taken and to record their journey with built-in GPS Logger.

The Canon PowerShot SX-230 will arrive in the US in March for $349 while European pricing for the Europe-only SX-220 and the SX-230 hasn’t been released.

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