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VIDEO: New version 1.1.7 released

VLC player celebrates ten years of open source

The popular play-anything media player VLC has been updated to very 1.1.17 marking the 10th anniversay of the open sourcing of the player.

The VLC development team said that VLC 1.1.7 represented small new features, many bugfixes, updated translations and fixes for security issues. Improvements to codecs, demuxers, audio CD support, subtitles and visualization were also cited.

Announcing "10 years of Open Source", the VideoLAN organisation promised 10 days of "surprises, ideas and stories" to appear on a special 10 year event page.

VLC 1.1.7 is available on Windows, Mac OS X and a wide variety of Linux-based operating systems and can be downloaded at this page

As part of the 10 year celebrations, the VideoLAN organisation released a VLC promotional video which you can see below:

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