Temporary email addresses for dodgy sites

Hotmail gains disposable alias addresses

Microsoft announced that the firm’s web mail service Hotmail has gained the ability to create additional email addresses within the same Hotmail account.

The feature is aimed at providing a way that users can give temporary alias email addresses to third parties such as signing up to web sites, mitigating the chance of having an email address capture by spammers.

Emails to the aliases can be configured to appear in a private folder. Microsoft said that Hotmail users are now able to add five email aliases per year to each hotmail account. 

"Let’s say you’re in the market for a new car. There are a bunch of websites that will email you price quotes, sales alerts, etc. During your car search, these messages are helpful," said Microsoft Windows Live boss Dharmesh Mehta on the Windows Live Blog

"But once you’re done, they become clutter that can be difficult to stop. By using an alias on these websites instead of your main email address, you can avoid this."

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