Vendors to deal with faulty Intel 6-series mainboards

MSI, Gigabyte, Asus announce Sandy Bridge action

Mainboard makers Asus, Gigabyte and MSI have announced moves to deal with the faulty Intel Sandy Bridge 6-series chipset including returns and replacements on affected products.

With Intel stating that the chipmaker will cover the costs of replacing Sandy Bridge hardware already sold, the major mainboard vendors responded by halting sales of the affected products in the channel and issuing statements about return and refund procedures.

"We will provide total warranty services to maximize computing and usability, as each Asus product is delivered with an uncompromising quality pledge," wrote Asus on an open letter to customers.

"This includes the hassle-free return and/or replacement of all affected Asus products. We’re doing all this effective immediately and as a first step, shipments of current ASUS Sandy Bridge-based products have been halted," they said.

Asus pointed to a website the company had set up which provides detailed warranty and service hotline information.

"Gigabyte is working closely with Intel to minimize the inconvenience to customers and retail stores with regard to related issues," said Gigabyte in a statement, saying that additional information will be posted to the Gigabyte motherboard website.

MSI said that the firm had started to collect current stock in the market and that the channel can return Intel 6-series MSI products to the distributor. Like Asus and Gigabyte, MSI is offering a return service in addition to a ‘product swap’ where the company will provide an alternative with "similar or better specs."

MSI directed enquires to the MSI hotlines on the firm’s regional websites

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