Apple yet to rectify problem while game developer loses out

App Store hosts pirate software

A pirate version of a game released last month is being sold on Apple’s App Store.

Lugaru HD, an action-adventure game in which you take control of an anthropomorphic rabbit, was released across multiple platforms last month, but today is the victim of piracy.

The perpetrator simply downloaded the legitimate game and re-uploaded it to the App Store at a lower price, under the name ‘Lugaru’ rather than ‘Lugaru HD’. Although it demonstrates admirable ingenuity, it’s still a dirty trick.

The game’s legitimate creator Wolfire Games price Lugaru HD at $9.99 but the alternative version is taking their sales. It’s still available today for $0.99.

Developer Jefferey Rosen wrote on the Wolfire blog today: “This is a kind of software fraud we’ve never even heard of: a pirate simply downloading the app and resubmitting it to the same distribution channel at a lower price.

“We immediately emailed Apple explaining the situation, expecting them to quickly investigate the situation, shut down the fraudulent app, and follow up with us. We started this process a few days ago, and haven’t heard back from Apple yet.”

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