Chosen communities will be among first to receive high quality broadband connection

BT increases number of ‘Race to Infinity’ winners

BT will now install fiber optic internet in ten UK communities as part of a scheme where residents voted for the super-fast service.

The ‘race to infinity’ scheme had originally offered six communities the chance to win ‘Infintiy’ in their area, but BT has since expanded the scheme after 360,000 people voted for the service, which offers customers speeds of up to 40mbit.

"We decided to extend the list of winners to the ‘top ten’ because of the exceptional passion and commitment shown by local campaigners and residents", a BT spokesman said.

In the winning communities, mostly rural areas, 6 out of 10 residents voted for the service.

The latest winners are Burley in Wharfedale in Yorkshire, Capel in Surrey, Lindfield in West Sussex and Marton in Warwickshire, who are added to the current list of winners. BT plans to activate Infinity in early 2012.

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