Super car themed drives available in black or white

Asus drags out Lambo-branded external HD

Eee PC-maker Asus has launched a Lamborghini-branded 2.5-inch external hard drive in 500 and 750GB capacities. 

The Asus Lamborghini External HDD features prominent Lamborghini-branding and an angular design reminiscent of the rear lines of the iconic Italian super cars. The drives are available in either black or white and 500GB and 750GB capacities. 

The drive is currently offered with 5400rpm drives and a USB 2.0 interface but the firm has plans to offer a speedier USB 3.0-equipped drive with 7200rpm drives. 

Asus are also bundling a software backup solution called FlexSave which it said "offers a user-friendly interface for easy backups and file management."

The 500GB unit is said to be priced at around $120 in the US without European availability or pricing announced, nor the USB 3.0 models as yet. Suffice to say they will be expensive. 

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