Takes aim at BT Infinity with cheaper, faster broadband

Virgin boosts cable broadband to 30Mbps

British cable broadband provider Virgin Media announced that the availability of a 30Mbps service that replaces the old 20Mbps service for new customers.

Current Virgin customers on the XL 20Mbps package have the option to upgrade to the new 30Mbps service at a cost of £30. The new service also requires exchange of cable router to the new SuperHub device which also bundles 802.11n Wi-Fi.

The 30Mbps service also raises the upstream bandwidth 50 per cent from 2Mbps to 3MBbps while the price has dropped to £18.50 per month when the customer also takes up the Virgin phone service as well.

The 30Mbps cable service and phone combined will set customers back £30.74 per month. Virgin took aim at BT’s Infinity service in announcing the new move, saying that the new service would provide a faster average speed than BT’s competing broadband service.

"With the new 30Mb service Virgin Media customers can enjoy a consistently faster, unlimited service, for significantly less than BT Infinity products," the firm said.

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