Performance per watt 'puts competitive products to shame'

Nvidia targets mid-range ‘sweet spot’ with GeForce 560 Ti

Nvidia have launched the GeForce 560 Ti mid-range graphics card which the firm says "pwns the gamer’s sweet spot."

The graphics specialist said that the 560 Ti GPU is 33 per cent faster than the GTX 460 and offered "overclocking headroom that is off the charts and performance per watt that puts competetive products to shame."

"The GTX 560 Ti GPU has it all: awesome DX11 performance, terrific overclockability, and ultra quiet operation," said Nvidia GPU boss Drew Henry.

KFA2, the premium brand of graphics card manufacturer Galaxy, joined other Nvidia partners in launching GeForce 560 Ti graphics cards. The firm launched two products, the KFA2 GTX 560 Ti LTD OC with a white PCB and the EX OC with a twin-blade cooler.

"Efficiency with more performance is the latest trend with all of the new GeForce releases," noted KFA2 marketing boss Graham Brown.

"Our GTX 560 Ti LTD OC and GTX 560 Ti EX OC versions have not only been tricked out spec wise, with better memory and onboard components, but with the slick white pcb and the twin blade fan cooler, both cards provide the ultimate delivery in performance."

Nvidia said that there would be a wide assortment of GTX 560 Ti cards including those with stock clocks of 822MHz and others that are clocked much higher, such as the 950MHz clocked KFA2 GeForce GTX 560 Ti LTD OC.

Street prices range from around £205 for a Gainward stock-clocked 560 Ti up to around £250 for higher clocked models such as the KFA2 GeForce GTX 560 Ti LTD OC.

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