Reseller presentation bigs up Windows 7 slates

Microsoft anti-iPad enterprise strategy revealed

Microsoft unveiled the firm’s 2011 battle plan to combat the Apple iPad in the enterprise environment in presentation aimed at reseller partners.

ZDnet provided images of the presentation slides, dated December last year, in which the firm takes aim at weak enterprise aspects of the iPad such as providing remote assistance and dealing with lost or stolen devices.

The presentation appears to focus on isssues relating to security and access policy management which Microsoft claims enterprise customers had been saying are important. 

Specifically targetting the iPad, the Microsoft presentation admits that customers liked the intuitive interface, the physical formfactor and long battery life. ‘End user interest’ was driving adoption within organisations, they said.

The iPad was, however, optimised for data consumption rather than data creation, claims Microsoft. The firm positioned Windows 7-powered slates as optimised for the creation of content and the support of a variety of devices and peripherals although it didn’t specify which ones.

The presentation tells resellers to pilot devices which are "right for your users", reminding partners that "one size does not fit all."

Unsurprisingly Microsoft also provided a table of enterprise requirements that focused on compatibility with Microsoft enterprise solutions such as Sharepoint and Exchange but the presentation also singled out areas such as the lack of Flash and Silverlight support on the iPad.

See the Microsoft presentation here.

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