Hot Hardware declares easy-to-use Linux variant 'accessible'

Jolicloud OS ‘definitely worth a look’

Enthusiast website Hot Hardware has reviewed the newly released Jolicloud 1.1 cloud-based Linux OS which it says can be summed up with one word, "accessible."

The site introduced the OS review by saying: "Yes it’s Linux underneath, but please don’t run away screaming quite yet." 

Previously targeted at netbooks exclusively, the new version of the OS has reportedly shifted to emphasize "recycling" any old computer, given a new lease on life due to the operating systems’ remarkably light system requirements.

Hot Hardware said that the unique Jolicloud interface would be familiar to users of smartphone operating systems such as Android or Apple’s iOS. 

The cloud based functionality extends to the "app center", providing the ability to "like" or "dislike" applications which are then visible to the user’s friends. 

Another feature is the ability to access a Jolicloud desktop from any computer with a HTML5 browser (Hot Hardware said that only Chrome and Chromium would suffice).

Hot Hardware cited improvements for 1.0 including faster boot times and 15 per cent greater battery life.

"The future of this operating system is anything but certain, with ChromeOS sure to grab a large portion of the same target audience, but it’s definitely worth a look."

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