Leaked presentation says new chips will support four ports

Intel chipsets to finally gain USB 3.0 support

An Intel presentation uncovered by German website Heise.de suggests that the chipmaker will finally look to integrating USB 3.0 support into next-generation chipsets expected next year.

Intel has been seen to be dragging its feed in adopting the super high speed 5Gbps USB 3.0, possibly in order to reduce competition for the firm’s impending Light Peak optical interconnect standard.

The presentation, apparently aimed at mainboard OEMs, suggests that chipsets code-named Ivy Bridge and Panther Point will offer support for four USB 3.0 ports. Presently OEMs have to integrate third party chips in order to provide USB 3.0.

Heise suggested that the next-generation Intel chipsets may be announced at CES in January of next year. 

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