Alone Together book caused a sensation in the US

MIT professor says Facebook and Twitter ‘diminish us’

An MIT processor has said that social networking services such as Twitter and Facebook "diminish" their users.

Professor Sherry Turkle equated manic participation in social networking sites as a form of ‘modern madness’. Having recently published a book ‘Alone Together’ in the US, due for a February release in Europe, Turkle alleges that technology is making society less human.

"We have invented inspiring and enhancing technologies, yet we have allowed them to diminish us," wrote Turkle in Alone Together: Why We Expect More From Technology and Less From Each Other.

Turkle describes the instant that society is willing to accept electronic interactions as equal to that of personal interactions, as the ‘robotic moment’. The great attraction is, Turkle says, that people are drawn to low risk easily available connections. has an interview with Professor Turkle.

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